What is the historic reality behind sister city ties? The photographic album about to be born on the initiative of the Pécs Rotary Club is searching for the answers to this exciting question. Using the lenguage of an instructive and beautifully designed book which transcends borders and boundaries. we will attempt to portray this reality.

Twin (Sister) cities, which unveil their, similar or contrasting faces before our eyes.

Fellbach (D), Terracina (I), Kytahia (TR), Graz (A), Tucson, Seattle (USA), Kolozsvár/Cluj (RO), Krakkó/Kraków (PL), Lyon (F), Lahti (SF), Eszék/Osijek CR) and Pécs (H).

Beside the imprints of the differences the work also intends to portray the shared human and civic values resurfacing through Rotary: a respect for the past the safekeeping of values the spirit of goodwill and friendship. It is our hope that the Rotary Clubs of our twin cities will be prepared to help in the collection of the necessary documentary material. The book will form a distinctive collection of the twin-town network's historical, Economic, cultural and human relationships. Pécs has twinning agreements with significant cities in North, South West and Eastern Europe and in the USA. The current tendencies to develop continental and inter-continental ties, urges identification.