From the perspective of twin-town "existence" our differences may also be outlined, beyond our evermore: definitive similarities. This illustrated album may accomplish the taking into account of these factors, namely in that it gives voice to the ambitions of the cities' citizens, just as to a respect of the past, the preservation of values, to good intentions and the spirit of friendship. In other words to all that we consider unreservedly to be of value. The book wishes to provide an answer to the question of what is the contemporary reality of the historically based twin city relationships. The function of the images (photos, graphics and others) is to capture this reality in 'state off the art' book form.

The book will give a glimpse of our cities' spatial and geographical difference. The documentation aims to lake the following into account: the cities' living buildings, their churches, cemeteries and civic pride; the environment of the new age; flats, houses, desolate suburbs, farms, ranches, industrial parks. The old and new parameters of different generations' lifestyles, their markets, schools, theatres, cinemas and places of amusement. Thee architecture (not only the famous monuments. but the little-known too. That is to say the everyday architecture and how the people live with and in them). The modern and the ancient architecture, interiors, distinctive houses as literary or historic landmarks, architects and builders. The city builders' designs of bygone days and the present and their achievements, visions and contradictions of urbanization.

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