Neither must we ignore social customs and festivals, nor the landmarks and figures of the political forums of the past and present; nor the cults and sects which mirror the cities' lives.

The book, "Twin Cities" will contain around 1000-1200 photographic documents, which will be followed by short definitive texts in different languages, whilst the introduction will give a resume of the twin cities' significant attributes, past and present.

We ask you to present our plans to the members of your Rotary Club and to consider if and how you will be able to support our venture. If you agree with our aim, please support us in the accomplishment of this documentary publication of the as .yet undocumented twin-city network.

You will see that after racing though the continents and swimming across a few oceans with the help of this book, you will feel like one who has immersed his palms in the sea. Though the water trickles through your fingers, in your palm there remains a pinch of fine spice. A bit of salt with an unforgettable taste.
József Joo
Rotary Club
Károly Csonka
photo artist
club member
Prof. Dr. Tamás Aknai
art historian
club member
László Farkas
club member